Ostrager Chong Flaherty & Broitman P.C.


Clients from around the world depend on us to procure, commercialize, enforce, and exploit their most valuable and sensitive patented technologies. Patent protection has become an increasingly valuable business activity. In today’s saturated business environment, commercialization and enforcement of patent rights gives a business a significant market advantage over its competitors.

Our Process for Patent Prosecution:

OCFB prepares and prosecutes U.S. and international utility and design patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and international patent offices through a worldwide network of patent practitioners. We have an in an-depth process for patent prosecution, from the initial discussions to the prior art search and to the drafting of the patent application and responding to the patent examiner’s office actions. Our process is highly interactive with our clients as well as with the patent examiners we work with. This includes:

  • Conducting patent searches in-house and through outside search companies;
  • Drafting and prosecuting patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including responding to patent examiner office actions to overcome Patent Office objections: and
  • Prosecuting and defending patents in reexamination and reissue before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In addition to our experience with the above “utility” patent prosecution, OCFB has also prosecuted and defended design patents, which cover the aesthetic design of an article of manufacture.

Representative Patents & Technical Expertise:

We understand the technical nuances of obtaining patent protection for new technology, process, and design inventions in a wide variety of technical fields including:

Printing; Paper Products; Packaging; and Related Production Machinery; Aircraft Manufacturing Systems; Robotics; Transport Systems; Machine Tools.

Representative Patents:

11,264,152   Method and apparatus for robotically routing wires on a harness form board
(Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,101,582   Methods and apparatus for installing sleeve on cable using active dimensional analysis   (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,872,514   Safety system for tracking movable objects during vehicle production
(Assignee: The Boeing Company)

7,172,545   Registration of intermittently moved fastener tape with continuously moving web (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,891,535   Method of making tailored blanks using linear friction welding (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,145,670   Systems and methods for projected grid-based location tracking (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

5,632,072   Method for hydropatterning napped fabric (Assignee: International Paper Company)

5,682,410   Method for determining core flow rate and water temperature/density in boiling water reactor (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,711,058   Method for manufacturing transducer assembly with curved transducer array (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,737,379   Reactor core shroud repair using thermally tensioned ring to apply compression across shroud vertical seam weld (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,876,559   Deinking of impact and non-impact printed paper by an agglomeration process (Assignee: International Paper Company)

5,878,490   Method for connecting piping system components with limited clearance for stud tensioner (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,017,415   Method for co-pulping waste cellulosic material and wood chips (Assignee: International Paper Company)

6,334,678   Method for applying chemical watermarks on substrate (Assignee: International Paper Company)

6,733,622   Method and apparatus for ultrasonically stomping slider end stops on zipper (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

6,884,208   Method and apparatus for making reclosable bags having slider-actuated string zippers (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

6,973,704   Method and apparatus for positioning sliders for automated slider insertion (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,109,433   Method and apparatus for initiating welding arc using chemical spray (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,415,810   Methods of manufacturing hooded slider-operated zippered bags (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,585,444   Method for reducing camber in coiled plastic ribbon or tape (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

8,202,002   Reclosable vacuum storage bag having flat resealable means (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

9,010,684   Automated inspection of soft-tooled hollow structure (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,834,323   Automated scanning systems for non-destructive inspection of curved cylinder-like workpieces (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,053,165   Automated maintenance of surface skins using transporter system (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,625,427   Method for controlling location of end effector of robot using location alignment feedback (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,079,554   Process for polishing end face of gigabit plastic optical fiber (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

Mechanical and Electromechanical Apparatus; Photographic And Fiber Optic Devices; Heating And Cooling Systems; Power Generation Systems; Fuel Systems; Biomechanical Devices; Aircraft Engines; Aircraft Systems, Fluid Systems; Toys and Games; Stage and Lighting Equipment for Architectural, Photographic and Entertainment Uses; Safes; Firearms; Medical Devices.

Representative Patents:

11,427,306   Piezoelectric thrust vector control for dual-mode unmanned aerial vehicle (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,347,039   Optical imaging and scanning of holes (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,163,067   Interface device and method for retrofitting an airplane with GNSS landing capability (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

5,537,806   Bag sealing apparatus and related method for sealing bags (Assignee: International Paper Company)

5,778,545   Magnetically damped azimuth resolver (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,852,271   Water exclusion device for underwater thermal processing (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,190,218   Pump jet with redirected exhaust gas through stator wane for drag reduction (Assignee: Outboard Marine Corporation)

6,780,263   Sealer with continuous motion ultrasonic zipper welding (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,461,680   Apparatus for repeatedly advancing fastener tape a predetermined distance (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

8,738,226   Holonomic motion vehicle for travel on non-level surfaces (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,650,991   Pivoting ring petal actuation for variable area fan nozzle (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,053,269   Multi-functional fiber optic fuel sensor system having a photonic membrane (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,634,123   Apparatus and methods for maintenance of wind turbine blades (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,652,441   Systems and methods for protecting imaging devices against high-radiant-flux light (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,969,367   Automated ultrasonic inspection of elongated composite members using single-pass robotic system (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,128,251   Fault-tolerant power system architecture for aircraft electric propulsion (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

5,493,541   Ultrasonic transducer array having laser-drilled vias for electrical connection of electrodes (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

5,668,516   Simplified active shield superconducting magnet assembly for magnetic resonance imaging (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,701,742   Configured indium gasket for thermal joint in cryocooler (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,293,836   Water jet propulsion unit with means for varying area of nozzle outlet (Assignee: Bombardier Motor Corporation of America)

6,491,554   Watercraft with steerable planing surface (Assignee: Bombardier Motor Corporation of America)

6,592,721   Apparatus for dewatering a suction papermaking roll (Assignee: International Paper Company)

6,634,384   One-way valve for use with vacuum pump (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

6,812,585   Fuel cutoff system for engine-driven generator (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

6,924,461   Gas diffuser for head tube assembly of welding gun (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,025,841   Ultrasonic apparatus with non-rotating horn and rotating anvil for welding plastic parts (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

7,176,404   System for quick disconnect of torch from power and gas supply unit (Assignee: Illinois Tool Works Inc.)

8,746,616   Mid-wing multi-deck airplane (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,322,685   Mems-based conformal air speed sensor (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,410,659   Automated mobile boom system for crawling robots (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,950,813   Non-destructive inspection of airfoil-shaped body using self-propelling articulated robot (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,525,638   Heater system for fiber placement machine (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,128,086   Apparatus for contact insertion and retention testing (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,009,871   Protective headwear (Assignee: Aaron Shasha)

Semiconductors; Thin Films; Photoconductors; Magnetic Media; Ceramics; Amorphous Materials; Alloys; Liquid Crystals, Composites; Paper, Fiber, Laminates, Woven and Nonwoven Fabrics; Polymers; Films; Building Materials.

Representative Patents:

5,403,444   Printable, high-strength, tear-resistant nonwoven material and related method of manufacture (Assignee: International Paper Company)

5,770,273   Plasma coating process for improved bonding of coatings on substrates (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,792,598   Photographic developing compositions and use thereof in the processing of photographic elements (Assignee: International Paper Company)

5,932,930   Method for fabricating mixed oxide fuel (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,935,884   Wet-laid nonwoven nylon battery separator material (Assignee: BBA Nonwovens Simpsonville, Inc.)

6,066,379   Repulpable, water repellant paperboard (Assignee: International Paper Company)

6,277,299   High-sensitivity piezocomposite material and ultrasonic transducer made therefrom (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,497,790   Paperboard of improved smoothiness and bulk (Assignee: International Paper Company)

9,353,480   Sterilizable and printable nonwoven packaging materials (Assignee: Ahlstrom Corporation,)

9,518,160   Graphene-augmented composite materials (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,539,798   Verifiable quick patch repair for composite structures (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,981,421   Adaptive composite structure using shape memory alloys (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,094,794   Characterization of wrinkles and periodic variations in material using infrared thermography (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,169,492   Fiber placement optimization for steered-fiber plies (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,603,844   Apparatus and methods for injecting filler material into a hole in a composite layer (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,710,327   Methods for making composite parts from stacked partially cured sublaminate units (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,933,600   Three-dimensional printing of composite repair patches and structures (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

Analog and Digital Signal Processing; IC Circuits; Detection Systems and Sensors; Magnetics; Optoelectronics; Imaging and Display Devices; Medical Diagnostic Equipment; Reprographics, including Facsimile Machines, Printers, Scanners, and Copiers; Communications Technology; Telecommunications and Telemetry Systems; Audio and Video Signal Processing; Aerospace Electronic Systems; Telemedicine, Telehealth and Telecare Medical Systems; Prepaid telephone calling cards; Electrical Power Supplies.

Representative Patents:

6,865,140   Mosaic arrays using micromachined ultrasound transducers (Assignee: General Electric Company)

8,547,225   Systems and methods for remote detection of volcanic plumes using satellite signals (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

8,639,401   Dynamic adaptation of trigger thresholds to manage when data messages are transmitted (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,157,827   Tilt electrolyte sensing for battery health management (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,438,338   System for bidirectional free-space laser communication of gigabit ethernet telemetry data (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,955,547   Combined radar and communications system using common signal waveform (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,958,302   Signal cueing using an IIR filter array with inverted state tree (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,005,301   System and method for encrypted resonant inductive power transfer (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,054,284   Method of ratiometric proximity sensing (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,128,212   Current ripple reduction for a direct current source powering an alternating current load (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,152,986   Fast spatial search using phased array antennas (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,367,201   System and method for continual localization of scanner using non-destructive inspection data (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,415,646   Magnetic field visualization using modulation screen and compressive sensing (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

Computer Systems and Hardware; Parallel Processing; Microprocessors; Optical Processors; Neural Networks; Local Area and Wide Area Networks; Smartcards; Computer-Assisted Devices; Computer-Integrated Manufacturing; Speech and Music Processors & Synthesizers.

Representative Patents:

7,898,383   System and method for detecting security violation (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

8,041,946   Data transfer between networks operating at different security levels (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

8,332,504   Method for testing connectivity of software applications hosted on networked computers (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

8,676,403   Four-dimensional guidance of an aircraft (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,098,999   Systems and methods for assuring the accuracy of a synthetic runway presentation (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,262,933   Lateral avoidance maneuver solver (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,586,067   Fire detection and suppression pack for battery-powered personal computing devices (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,001,776   Unmanned aerial vehicle flight control system (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,102,753   Systems and methods for processing flight information (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,486,826   Flight management system having customized performance database (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,081,012   Electronic device and method for optimizing vertical profile for cruise phase of flight (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,262,764   Computer-implemented method and a system for defining a path for a vehicle within an environment with obstacles (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

Operating Systems; Windowing Functions; Data Storage And Database Management Systems; Encoding And Encryption; Network And Internet Systems; Audio, Video, Speech and Music Processing; Imaging; Graphic Interfaces; Interactive TV; Computerized Translation.

Representative Patents:

5,357,965   Method for controlling adaptive color flow processing using fuzzy logic (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5.535,748   Real-time graphics on cine playback in ultrasound imaging (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,841,889   Ultrasound image texture control using adaptive speckle control algorithm (Assignee: General Electric Company)

5,964,706   Method and apparatus for pulsed doppler imaging using coded excitation on transmit and pulse compression on receive (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,050,947   Method and apparatus for harmonic tissue imaging and contrast imaging using coded transmission (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,126,603   Method and apparatus for segmenting color flow mode data using velocity information in three-dimensional ultrasound imaging (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,176,828   Method and apparatus for optimal data mapping of power doppler images (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,373,970   Image registration using Fourier phase matching (Assignee: General Electric Company)

6,417,870   Method and apparatus for simultaneous construction of multiple data objects for image transfer (Assignee: General Electric Company)

8,259,012   Software GNSS receiver for high-altitude spacecraft applications (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

8,782,673   Sharing of first class objects across multiple interpreted programming languages (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

8,798,976   Calculating liquid levels in arbitrarily shaped containment vessels using solid modeling (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,047,771   Systems and methods for ground collision avoidance (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,073,648   Star tracker rate estimation with kalman filter enhancement (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,347,321   Methods for optimized engine balancing based on flight data (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

9,950,805   Aircraft engine fan speed display improvements for enhanced monitoring and thrust setting ability (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,184,799   Systems and methods for targeting objects of interest in denied GPS environments (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,450,053   Methods using predictive shimming to optimize part-to-part alignment (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,451,743   Integrated interface architecture and control logic for enhanced emergency location functionality (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,607,409   Synthetic geotagging for computer-generated images (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

10,929,670   Marker-to-model location pairing and registration for augmented reality applications (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,203,445   Data- and model-driven inspection of autonomous aircraft using an unmanned aerial vehicle (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,257,386   Camera-based angle tracking of swarms for collision avoidance (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

11,268,827   Vertical situation display with interactive speed profile bar (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

Neurological, Brain, Human Developmental, and Genetic Processes, Treatments, and Materials; Pharmaceuticals; Health Care Products; Genetic Mapping; Radioisotope Labeling; C-DNA Cloning; Enzyme and Protein Isolation; Monoclonal Antibodies and Antigens; Agriculture; Fermentation.

Representative Patents:

5,821,220   Method of producing concentrated non-buffered solutions of fibronectin (Assignee: André Beaulieu)

6,251,859   Deepithelialized skin diffusion cell system 

6,528,483   Method of producing concentrated non-buffered solutions of fibronectin (Assignee: André Beaulieu)

7,112,320   Solid wound healing formulations containing fibronectin 

10,092,769   Apparatus for non-invasive therapy of biological tissue using directed magnetic beams (Assignee: Aerotel Ltd.)

PP19,474   Cynodon dactylon plant named ‘Oz-E-Green’

Representative Patents:

D 503,929   Dimmer control system (Assignee: Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc.)

D 517,024   Electrical dimmer switch and cover plate (Assignee: Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc.)

D 521,932   Ground fault interrupter (Assignee: Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc.)

D 617,936   Light module

D 958,691   Rectangular emerald cut stone (Assignee: Dov Padeh)

D 617,254   Airplane window configuration (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

D 620,875   Aerial refueling receptacle with raised fairing marking (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

D 643,500   Rifle rack (Assignee: Provo Steel & Supply Co.)

D 662,341   Adjustable shelf (Assignee: Prosteel Security Products, Inc.)

D 674,380   Cellphone case (Assignee: Soberg, LLC)

D 726,208   Display screen with graphical user interface and icons (Assignee: The Boeing Company)

D 782,658   Airway device (Assignee: Indian Ocean Medical, Inc.)

D 791,543   Tumbler (Assignee: Silver Buffalo, LLC)

D 795,009   Lid with loop (Assignee: Silver Buffalo, LLC)

D 945,633   Therapeutic device (Assignee: Aerotel Ltd.)

D 964,201   Ring with interior baguette-shaped stones

D 964,202   Ring with interior princess-cut stones

D 863,876   Lid (Assignee: Silver Buffalo, LLC)

D 951,805   Round stone (Assignee: Dov Padeh)

D 955,274   Round stone (Assignee: Dov Padeh)